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Effects Of Surface Mining On Ground Water Quality

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  • Effects Of Surface Mining On Ground Water Quality
  • Effects Of Surface Mining On Ground Water Quality

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  • Environmental effects of mining

    Environmental effects of mining can occur at local, regional, and global scales through direct and indirect mining practices Mining can cause in erosion, sinkholes, loss of biodiversity, or the contamination of soil,The most know negative impact of surface mining is land degradation, loss of vegetation and increase the dissolved and suspended elements in the environment which are important for water quality and air quality of the surrounding area The major mining effects discussed are as follows: i Loss of topsoil and vegetation iiENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS OF MINING AND PROCESSING OF


    2016年5月11日· However, mining of iron ore has copious negative impacts on the environment As the mining method is usually open cast, it degrades natural landscapes, surface and ground water, Flora and Fauna2016年2月28日· Ground water is becoming a major concern with respect to surface and underground mining of coal in many state of our country coal fields Groundwater quality is being addressed in this review paperGround Water Contamination in Coal Mining Areas: A Critical

  • Effects of coal mining on ground and surface water quality,

    1977年8月1日· Water quality data are compared Areas disturbed extensively either by surface or underground mining for bituminous coal in Monongalia County, West Virginia yield water of poorer quality than similar terrain which is not so disturbed2019年6月12日· Volume 42, pg 775776s The present study was to assess the effect of coal mining on health of workers and surrounding peoples in northern coalfields limited Singrauli, India For dataEffect of Coal Mining on the Surface Water Quality in Northern

  • Ground Water | US EPA US Environmental Protection Agency

    2023年7月14日· Importance of Ground Water A large portion of the world's fresh water resides underground, stored within cracks and pores in the rock that make up the Earth's crust Half of the US population relies on ground water for domestic uses In many parts of the United States, people rely on ground water for drinking, irrigation, industry, andThe presence of groundwater in surface mining operations often creates serious problems The most important is generally a reduction in stability of the pit slopes This is caused by pore water pressures and hydrodynamic shock due to blasting which reduce the shear strength and seepage pressures, water in tension cracks and increased unitControl of groundwater in surface mining | SpringerLink

  • Groundwater impact assessment in mining CSIRO

    As such it is important to protect and manage groundwater resources, including when they may become impacted from mining activities To quantify the environmental impact of coal mining, a mine’s impact on ground and surface water systems needs to be understood This is difficult and subject to controversy because:2021年10月18日· The general properties and overall chemical quality for potability of groundwater in AhafoAno South District of the Ashanti Region of Ghana have been evaluated With respect to pH, about 92% of groundwaters were potable while 8% were acidic and not potable Approximately 4%, 32%, 56% and 8% of sampled groundwaterEffects of Illegal Artisanal Gold Mining Operations on Groundwater

  • Effects of coal mining on the evolution of groundwater

    2019年4月15日· For this study, 72 water samples comprised of groundwater, tunnel water, and surface pit water, were obtained from the study area and analyzed for water quality Surface pit water is obtained when, occasionally, a surface pit collapses due to mining, resulting in the mine groundwater being dischargedMining plays a vital role in national economic development and at the same time has a large adverse effect on water resources A cautious and conscious approach towards development and conservation is essentialEffects of Mining on Surface and Ground Water

  • Effect of smallscale illegal mining on surface water and

    Currently, illegal artisanal mining (‘galamsey’) has impacted the environment negatively, resulting in land degradation and water pollution The government of Ghana, responding to public outcry against the negative effects of ‘galamsey’, placed a ban on illegal smallscale mining activities in March 20172022年6月3日· After the disturbance, the concentrations of Ca2+, HCO3−, and TDS in groundwater gradually recovered as the aquifer and groundwater levels both tended to recover, possibly due to the reclogging of fractures This study on the coupled evolution of hydrological processes could enhance our understanding of the effects of mining onImpact of Mining Activities on Groundwater Level,

  • A review on the impact of mining operation: Monitoring,

    2020年12月1日· The impacts of mining on surface are usually from tailings and rock dumps, these impacts undesirably affect the quality of surface and groundwater Generally, underground effects are described through the inflow of water into the underground operations and later, dewatering of the aquifer [57]2020年9月10日· Gold mining uses chemicals that are discharged into rivers without any control when there are no good mining practices, generating environmental and public health problems, especially for downstream inhabitants who use the water for consumption, as is the case in Monterrey township, where the Boque River water is consumed In thisEvaluation of the Effect of Gold Mining on the Water Quality in

  • The impact of gold mining exploitation on the physicochemical quality

    2021年1月2日· This paper evaluates the impact of gold mining activity on surface water quality in the locality of Batouri (East, Cameroon) Water samples were collected from five separate points These water samples were characterized from a physicochemical point of view This characterization consisted to determine the hydrogen potential, the alkalinity,2022年6月1日· Groundwater is an extremely valuable freshwater resource for drinking and agricultural use, and its value is increasing with global population growth One of the potential threats to its water quality is mine drainage from abandoned mines In recent years, progress has been made in investigating the impact of mine drainage onThe potential threat of mine drainage to groundwater resources

  • Influence of mining activities on groundwater ScienceDirect

    2020年6月1日· Introduction Active and abandoned sulfurcontaining metal mines produce massive drainage, rock wastes and tailings A series of complex physicalchemical reactions, such as weathering, dissolution and oxidation, take place in these wastes alongside the leaching and erosion due to groundwater and surface runoff, causing

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